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What, Who, and Why

As I Can is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
Founded in October 2018, As I Can  was created to fulfill the dream Jerald left behind when he lost his life in a tragic accident at the age of 17. Jerald was a straight-A student, an athlete, and a member in leadership and anti-drug programs. He planned on attending UCLA after his upcoming senior year at Lathrop High. 


In the foster system since he was about three years old, Jerald frequently visited his high school counselor, Lisa Wilson to help him get through challenging times. They developed a close bond and Ms. Wilson became like a mother to him. She helped him find his direction and inspired him to also become a high-school counselor. Jerald decided that more than anything, he wanted to help foster children who suffered like he did, to not only survive but to thrive. Although Jerald isn't here to personally see his dreams come true, his Foster-Mom, Betty Cousins and others who love him, are focused on making sure his dreams are fulfilled and are never forgotten, starting with his long-time desire for braces: "There is one thing I really want.  It can be my birthday gift, Christmas gift, and any other gift you can think of.  Please... I want braces."  

As I Can
1790 Cornwall Ct.
Lathrop, CA 95330
209 565-5785

Meet the Team

Bettys head shot.jpg
Profile Pic - Nikki_edited.jpg

Betty Palen-Cousins

Nicole Holmstroem


Molly Tapken

Profile Pic - Ally_edited_edited_edited.

Alysia Baca

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Anthony Cousins

Profile Pic - Andrew_edited.jpg

Andrew Tapken

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